What's in the Bag: The Perfect Beach Day

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Grace Pawlowski
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August 6, 2018 at 5:27:00 PM PDT August 6, 2018 at 5:27:00 PM PDTth, August 6, 2018 at 5:27:00 PM PDT

Nothing beats a day at the beach! Sun-kissed skin and sandy toes are the perfect way to savor the last few weeks of summer. We’re packing our Urban Market Bags with our favorite eco-friendly seaside necessities. Find out what’s in our bags:

The Necessities
Protect your skin and the ocean by using reef friendly sunscreen. Look for a sunscreen without oxybenzone and octinoxate. These two ingredients are commonly found in sunscreen and have been linked to coral bleaching. Look for mineral-based sunscreens with labels that identify the product as “reef safe.” Since mineral sunscreens act as a topical barrier for UV rays, they should also contain “non-nano” ingredients. This means the particles must be above 100 nanometers in size so that they cannot be ingested by corals. Not only is mineral based sunscreen better for the environment, it is also better for the human body. The chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, are suspected to mimic human hormones and could create harmful imbalances. Need some more suggestions? Check out Badger Balm, Sun Bum and Manda Naturals.

Grab a few towels and blankets for afternoon beach chillin. Nomadix towels and blankets are made from recycled plastic bottles with quick drying, antimicrobial properties. They come in pretty patterns and colorful designs and pack up light so you’ll still have plenty of space left in your Urban Market Bag. Looking to save even more space? This nylon beach blanket can accommodate up to seven adults yet it folds up into the size of an Urban Market Bag 6 Pack. It also has little pockets that can be filled with sand and used as anchors to keep it in place.

The Setup
Shade and sustenance are two necessities if you plan to be out in the sun for more than a couple hours. These beach tents are lightweight and easy to set up. UV, water and mold resistant canvas is draped over reclaimed wood poles and staked down to provide maximum shade coverage throughout the day. The configuration of the beach tent can be adjusted throughout the day as the sun moves, plus it all packs up into a conveneint carrying case. These tassel-adorned beach umbrellas are also a great choice and will make for some great photo ops! With handles made from reclaimed wood, and a variety of prints to choose from we’re having trouble picking our favorite.

Cold drinks on a hot day at the beach is a little slice of summer heaven. Yeti coolers are made to last and look phenomenal. The company was started by two brothers and outdoor enthusiasts who were tired of cheap plastic coolers that would break every year and require a replacement. These coolers are used by families, fisherman, travelers and tradesmen and can go the distance in the most extreme conditions. In short, your beach day will be in safe hands with this cooler.

The Sustenance
Luckily there are lots of green options for transporting and enjoying food these days. Bees Wrap food storage film is an eco-friendly, compostable alternative to plastic wrap. Made from organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin, Bees Wraps are molded and sealed with the heat of your hands and are easy to wash and reuse again and again. Grab some compostable plates, utensils and wipes, along with your favorite reusable water bottle. We love Corkcicle canteen water bottles for their insulation and array of color choices. They are made from BPA-free stainless steel, have a wide enough mouth for ice cubes, and feature a 3" tapered bottom that fits in most standard cup-holders (just like Urban Market Bags!).

The best beach snacks are easy to eat and hearty enough to keep you going all day. Healthy wraps and pre-made salads are always winners in this department. Try these kale turkey wraps for a low-carb lunch. Creamy avocado and white bean wraps with tangy slaw are a great veggie option and will hold up all day. Grilled peach tabbouleh and kale caesar with roasted chickpea croutons will have you feeling light and energized for your afternoon in the sun. Pack watermelon and cucumber in the cooler for a refreshing treat that will help you stay hydrated. No-bake peanut butter energy balls are a nice sweet treat made with dates instead of sugar.

Pack it Out
Ever wonder what trash is most likely to litter a beach (Quiz: The Trash Most Likely to Litter a Beach)? We should all subscribe to the “leave no trace” mentality, especially when we’re enjoying our favorite outdoor destinations. The beach has a direct line to our major oceans and lakes. Disposable plastics can easily get swept away and are difficult to recover. About 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually, which is staggering. Make sure you leave the beach with all of your belongings and pick up a few items that can be tossed on your way out. If you don’t want to touch trash on the beach, simply use one Urban Market Bag as a glove and toss trash into another. Turn the bag inside out when you find a place to toss the trash and stick the bags in the washer when you get home. Feel good about leaving the beach in better condition than when you arrived.