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The Urban ah-ha! moment

They saw a need and filled it. Longtime friends, Cindy Goldberg and Kerri Stenson have raised their children together, volunteered, planned events, traveled — and now, they have also turned their attention to bringing a stylish and smart reusable bag solution to market, Urban Market Bags.

After years of grocery shopping, driving kids to extracurricular activities, managing household errands, and all other routine happenings, they were well aware of how many bags are needed to get through each day. Being early adopters of reusable bags, they noticed that the bags they were using became stained, soiled, flimsy, took up too much storage space and were not always conveniently available. And that's when their ah-ha! moment happened. Cindy and Kerri knew that there had to be a better way to bring your own bags (and look cute while doing it!).

Urban Market Bags was born — the only true system that eliminates the hassle of dealing with stains, bulkiness and soiling, and adds efficiency, style and practicality to your life. One drawstring pack, many market bags that are completely washable. It just makes sense.

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