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Spring Clean Your Habits: The Eco-Friendly Edition

Written by
Grace Pawlowski
Published on
March 5, 2017 at 5:11:00 PM PST March 5, 2017 at 5:11:00 PM PSTth, March 5, 2017 at 5:11:00 PM PST

Spring into action this season and make a pledge to create eco-friendly habits that will stick around for good. Don’t get overwhelmed. At Urban Market Bags, we’ve found that one small commitment is all it takes to tip the scale in the right direction.

Commit to Reusable

Toss the unruly stash of bags and vow to keep Urban Market Bags by your side at all times. Choosing a truly reusable solution that is compact, easy to clean, durable for years to come and beautiful enough to tote around is the key to success here. Somehow, with Urban Market Bags by your side, you notice other simple ways you can be a little friendlier to the environment. Added bonus: you gain a shelf in your pantry and the trunk of your car will be cleaner too.

Buy in Bulk

Suddenly your regular trips to the grocery store seem more wasteful when your Urban Market Bags become filled with single-use-plastic packages. Take a trip to the bulk aisle. Purchase muslin bags, mason jars or simply reuse plastic bags that you’ve brought home in the past. Opt for refillable soaps, oils and nut butters. Locally owned co-ops and health food stores are usually the most user-friendly when it comes to zero-waste shopping (use this handy site to locate a bulk aisle near you). Added bonus: you will be forced to organize your pantry and you’ll save money!

Go Green When You Clean

Don’t let your good shopping habits stop with your food purchases. Ditch nasty cleaning chemicals once and for all by switching to green household products or consider making your own. Stocking up on a few key ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol and some natural soap will help you clean your house from top to bottom (10 Natural Cleaning Recipes). When it comes to floors specifically, check out the Five Best Homemade Floor Cleaners for DIYers by Oh So Spotless for some simple, natural recipes. Add your favorite essential oils for a spring clean that leaves you feeling fresh inside and out. Added bonus: a chemical-free home helps not only the environment but guards your health from hazardous toxins in your home.

Garden Your Way to Better Health

If you’re lucky enough to have a small plot for gardening (it doesn’t take much!), then it’s time to put it to good use. A sustainable garden conserves resources while producing a bountiful harvest. Methods such as companion-planting control pests and encourage growth without having to use any chemicals. Utilize your nutrient-rich kitchen scraps to enhance your plants with a DIY compost bin. Consult the Backyard Boss for even more composting information. for Added bonus: Once you achieve green thumb status, share the love with friends and neighbors by giving them some homegrown fruits and veggies in an Urban Market Bag.