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Whats in the Bag: 20 Last Minute, Highly Useable, Eco-Minded Gifts

Written by
Grace Pawlowski
Published on
December 19, 2019 at 12:29:00 PM PST December 19, 2019 at 12:29:00 PM PSTth, December 19, 2019 at 12:29:00 PM PST

Here it is, the ultimate guide to last-minute gifts! A highly-curated list of extremely usable, easy to find, eco-friendly gifts that you can feel good about giving. It’s the thought that counts, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra thoughtful about your loved ones and the environment.

Sustainable Living

  • Reusable bags like (our favorite) Urban Market Bags- Take 25% off through 12/20 and use Prime shipping to get them quick. Feel good about giving a gift that will get used all year long.
  • Local handmade ceramics like Sven Ceramics or Earthen Ceramics - Support local artisans in their craft and give someone a piece of everyday art.
  • Reusable straws like these silicone or stainless steel options - Pair these with one of our drinkable recommendations below and you’ve got a winning combination.
  • Organic cotton dish towels and artisan cloth napkins - Reduce reliance on paper towels with eco-friendly options from companies that care.
  • High design salt & pepper grinders like these from Hay Designs - Say no to disposable options at the store in favor of a more beautiful and longer lasting option.

Eating & Drinking & Snacking

  • Sipping vinegars like Fire cider or Mother Shrub - Keep your immune system in tip top shape with healthy vinegar shrubs that are also quite tasty.
  • Monthly tea subscription from Alaya - Women owned and operated, Alaya sources the finest teas from the Indian states of Darjeeling, Assam, and Kerala from biodynamic farms that treat their staff with love (plus their packaging is fully compostable).
  • Small batch honey from your local farmers market - grab three unique bottles and gift along with your favorite tea for a honey flight that will delight the senses.
  • A fresh take on olive oil like Brightland - hip new packaging and pairing recommendations have taken olive oil to the next level and made it ripe for gifting.
  • Hand-picked charcuterie basket - Let your imagination run wild amongst the gourmet meat and cheese counters. Don’t forget the spreads, olives, flatbreads and honey with a few fresh fruits to round out the selection.
  • Apertifs like Haus or Pampelle Ruby L’Apero - Lower in alcohol content and perfect for sipping or mixing, these apertifs are the drink of choice for a health(ier) January.
  • Non-alcoholic spirits and sparkling beverages like Seedlip or TÖST - The way we drink is changing for the better with alcohol-free alternatives that celebrate earthy flavors and don’t require you to sacrifice complex, adult drink options.
  • The Dutchess by Great Jones - A simple and stylish cast iron dutch oven that can be kept in the family forever.
  • Hemp & CBD drinks like Recess & Bimble - Ease into 2020 with one of these all-natural, relaxing elixirs that are easy to find and even easier to drink.

All About The Experience

  • Give something to wish upon like eco-friendly paper lanterns or wish paper - Making a wish for the new year is extra fun when you can watch it sail up into the atmosphere.
  • Plant a tree in your recipient's name - Possibly the most eco-friendly option on this list and they will send an e-card as well!
  • Decorate a tree for the animals - Stock up on supplies for peanut butter pine cones, birdseed orange feeders, and popcorn cranberry garlands and make a day of it. You’ll get quality time and the animals will get their holiday treat.
  • Art supplies like oil pastels or watercolors - Ignite the creative side in someone with new mediums and colors (maybe you’ll get a masterpiece in return).
  • Movie tickets and a handmade bingo card - With creative squares like “The antidote to Frozen 2” and “Rom Com with a twist” you’ll be set for a year of entertainment.
  • Gift a subscription to a streaming service like Audible or Disney Plus - Entertainment is eco-friendly, highly usable and much appreciated.
  • Gift card to local craft or artisan classes like Workshop - Look up local options and see what’s available: kombucha class, leatherworking, chocolate making, weaving, ceramics and painting are all at the top of our list.
  • Symphony or theater tickets make for a memorable experience - If you don’t know someone’s schedule, a gift card to their local concert hall will give them plenty of options. That’s something they will remember forever!