Tips for Braving the Winter Chill

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Grace Pawlowski
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January 29, 2018 4:23:00 PM PST January 29, 2018 4:23:00 PM PSTth, January 29, 2018 4:23:00 PM PST

It's been a rather chilly one this year. We’ve gone from bomb cyclone to raining cats and dogs and (spoiler alert) summer is still a distant dream. On the bright side, mild winter-to-spring weather can be enjoyable with the right approach.

Keep Dry

Avoid getting caught in a sudden downpour...unprepared. A good umbrella not only keeps you dry, but also prevents you from suffering an embarrassing inside-out-getting-blown-away incident on a crowded street. We’ve picked five winners that get the job done.

  • Best technical umbrella: Blunt Metro Umbrella. Appropriately named, this umbrella has blunt tips (no poking someone’s eye out!) that make it perfect for navigating crowded streets. Wind resistant up to 55 mph, rip resistant and compact, this umbrella will get you through anything.
  • An umbrella to brighten your mood: Kate Spade Compact Umbrella. This all-over floral pattern will have you seeing rainbows around every corner.
  • The sustainable umbrella: Ecoverse Compact Umbrella. Ecoverse uses fabric from recycled materials, has a recyclable aluminum shaft and is anchored by a beautiful bamboo handle.
  • Most innovative umbrella: NewSight Umbrella. This one is pretty genius. The reverse functionality allows you to open the umbrella while stepping out of car, keeping you extra dry and happy. The hands-free C-shaped handle frees you up to use your phone while also toting your Urban Market Bags home. It also doesn’t hurt that you can choose from over 40 pretty patterns.

Warm Your Belly

There’s nothing quite like the relief of defrosting with a warm drink or snack after braving the elements.

  • Our favorite good-for-you DIY ginger & tumeric honey bomb will soothe your soul and keep your immune system strong. The perfect addition to a warm cup of tea, honey is a sweet treat with the added benefit of having antibacterial and antifungal properties. Ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory powerhouses that help with digestion and also treat infection.
  • Make your morning ritual glam with Vietnamese pour over coffee from Copper Cow. This chic package delivers five cups of sustainably sourced coffee that comes pre-packed in biodegradable filters alongside all-natural, California sweetened condensed milk. Waking up on a cold day has never sounded so good.
  • Hot chocolate turned up a notch, Four Sigmatic Organic Mushroom Hot Cacao has a healthy dose of reishi mushrooms to help you relax by reducing stress and anxiety. The jokes are true, a few sips of fungi will turn you into a fun guy after all.
  • For a good dose of belly warming, a pot of chili and cheddar jalapeño cornbread should do the trick. Hibernation fare at it’s finest, this dish will warm you up while you’re preparing it at the stove and every night after.
  • This is a game changer: DIY gourmet instant ramen (whoa). You will need: a heat proof jar, soup base and seasonings, fresh vegetables, par-cooked noodles, a few flavorful toppings and voila! The best part is that you can prep these for the week and make your co-workers jealous for days.
  • Shakshuka is the best stew-for-breakfast option around. This version incorporates butternut squash for a seasonal and hearty punch of flavor that will make you want to eat it for lunch and dinner as well.

Cozy Up

To bring back a phrase we often heard in childhood, “Dress in layers!”

  • There’s stylish layering and then there’s Ralphie’s brother Randy from A Christmas Story. Since we like to be warm but also maintain style (and the ability to move!), we hit up Marine Layer for their soft layering basics and accessories.
  • Socks do matter! Check out this sock-picking guide to steer you in the right direction.
  • For layering inside the home, we love the organic blankets and throws from Coyuchi—so soft and luxurious they will keep you toasty inside and out.

Stay Active

While a one-minute plank is sure to stoke the internal embers, if you are channeling a more zen approach, there are options!

  • All hail hot yoga! No, we’re not talking 110° in a Bikram class (although more power to you if that’s your M.O.) Most studios have heated classes that get to a comfortable temp of 85° so you can forget your winter woes for an hour on the mat. Find a studio near you on Yelp.
  • Have you heard of floating? It’s the new “spa” experience. Although it’s a little out there, floating in a warm pool saturated with epsom salts is said to relax your muscles and help you achieve a state of calm. We gave it a try at Reboot in San Francisco and felt light as a feather at the end. Plus, you get to hang out in a super futuristic alien pod while you’re in the zone.
  • When in doubt, head for the spa. Always a good idea, but a dip in the tub and a stretch in the sauna are especially lovely when the temps are low. If you know someone feeling blue, be a doll and send them a SpaFinder gift certificate. Our advice? Opt for the sugar scrub. It will improve your circulation and get you prepped for the sunnier days ahead.

Well, on that note, we’re off to the store and the spa!

Umbrella - check!

Tea with ginger & tumeric honey - check!

Urban Market Bags - CHECK!