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Ten Things We Couldn’t Do During Quarantine … But Now Can!

Written by
Kerri Stenson
Published on
June 8, 2021 at 5:02:54 PM PDT June 8, 2021 at 5:02:54 PM PDTth, June 8, 2021 at 5:02:54 PM PDT

As life outside of our home resumes, we have a much greater appreciation for all of the “little” things that we used to be able to do. Now that we are starting to be able to do them again, we are thinking about how to reincorporate sustainability into our mindset and actions. 

Grocery shop with reusable bags. It was quite a surprise one year ago when we braved the local grocery store and learned that reusable bags were not permitted! While understanding the importance in keeping germs at bay, it seemed like two steps forward and three steps back (for the environment). We brought the shopping carts to our car and unloaded the groceries ourselves or used the paper bags being offered (and reused them), all while waiting with bated breath for Urban Market Bags to be permitted again. Sure enough, the people working at check out (thank you essential workers!) started to recommend that we bring our own bags and stuff ourselves. And that brought us full circle back to where we started … grocery shopping in person and bringing our own bags. Remember Urban Market Bags are completely washable so we can all remain germ free. 

Convene with loved ones. Not being able to see friends and family was extremely difficult! Now that we are safely permitted to gather AND summer is approaching, reunions and festivities are making a comeback. Whether it’s a potluck to which you are bringing food or a party for which you need a host gift, your Urban Market Bags will have you covered.  

Hug. 🧡🧡🧡

Share dips. From a snack to a meal, yummy dips are versatile and meant for sharing! For your next summer soiree, toss some fresh cut veggies in your Urban Market Bags to bring along with this Best Ever Veggie Dip or this delicious and classic Hummus. All you need is tortilla chips to scoop up this Guacamole or bread cubes for this mouth-watering Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue. Dip for dessert? Yes indeed. Try this Strawberry Cheesecake Dip and stand back as everyone digs in!

Shop in person. While convenient and necessary during quarantine, online shopping can be unsustainable. From packaging to shipping, the environmental footprint is significant! To help combat this growing carbon footprint, we suggest you keep an ongoing shopping list and try to get it all done in one trip. Making this shopping day even more sustainable, your Urban Market Bags 6 Pack should accommodate all of your shopping needs.

Travel. Yippee, travel is back! The Urban Market Bags 3 Pack is the perfect travel companion. For shopping, yes, but also they are great for separating items in your suitcase or duffel and for putting your dirty clothes in. Just toss the bag along with your clothing into the laundry and voilà, it will all be ready for the next day’s adventures. 

Go to work. Headed back to the office or workplace? Maximize your in-person time by bringing your lunch in an Urban Market Bag. You will have your compact bag handy at the end of the day if you need to pick up anything on the way home. 

Drop the kids at school or camp. Kids get to be kids again! And that means we parents are dropping them at school, camp, playdates and extracurricular activities. Pack up their daily needs in an Urban Market Bag and they will be fully equipped to go from one thing to the next!

Beach days. Spotting “Beach Closed” signs when venturing to the coast was an almost eerie feeling! The fresh, salty air and the sound of the tide seems like the best medicine for any ailment. Nonetheless, that is what we were faced with. Once the beaches, outdoor parks and hiking trails reopened, it’s no surprise that people started flocking there. But, of course, we advise that you remember the footprint you leave behind. So, for beach days, grab your Urban Market Bags, fill one up with your book, glasses, towel and sunscreen, another one with your snacks plus a third bag to act as the “trash pail” for all the wrappers. This will not only help to keep the beach clean, but it will have a huge anti-pollution impact on the ocean too. 

Work out at a gym. Boy oh boy, many people have really missed their gyms! Zoom has been a nice alternative — when necessary — but it does not build the same sense of community! If you are one of those who has missed this in-person motivation, then you may already be back. A word of advice. Urban Market Bags make great gym bags! Similar to travel, you can arrive in your clean clothes as you bring your gym clothes in your bag, do your workout, shower (if available), change back into your clean clothes and toss your dirties back in your bag. Then the whole sweaty pile can go into the wash and be sparkling clean for your next trip to the gym.