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Spread the Gift of Love this Holiday Season

Most people you know probably need a little extra love this year, right?! That’s why this holiday season, we’re thinking outside-of-the-box when it comes to giving gifts. We’re focusing less on monetary items and more on making loved ones smile through thoughtful gestures. With loneliness at an all-time high, it’s the little, non-monetary things that mean the most right now.

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Remembering the Good Stuff from 2020

This month, we made space for the good stuff from 2020. It’s been an unimaginable year for us all, and we think it’s important to reflect on the positive to keep spirits high and our lives moving forward. We all deserve to give ourselves credit for enduring this year, and the first step is to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for! </p><p>We asked our Urban Market Bags fans, family members, and friends how 2020 shaped their lives for the better and have compiled the stories here for some light, uplifting reading!

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