Chocolates We Can Feel Good About Giving — and Eating

Written by
Kerri Stenson
Published on
February 10, 2023 at 1:37:00 PM PST February 10, 2023 at 1:37:00 PM PSTth, February 10, 2023 at 1:37:00 PM PST

As Valentine’s Day approaches, so do thoughts about chocolate! We decided to do a little research on where to find the best gift chocolates and discovered that when it comes to sustainability and impact on the environment, not all chocolates are created equal. We looked for bean-to-bar chocolate producers that are connected to their cocoa farmers, are transparent about their sourcing, and are committed to sustainable practices. Fortunately, there are a good amount of chocolatiers out there that meet these criteria, but here are our Top Five (in no particular order)! 

Fruition Chocolate Works

Winner of Good Food Awards 2022, Fruition Chocolate Works delivers exquisite small-batch craft chocolates, with an eye on ethically sourced cocoa. These heart-shaped chocolates are a must for that special someone who cares. 

Dandelion Chocolate

Made with just two ingredients, ethically-sourced, single-origin cocoa beans and organic cane sugar, Dandelion Chocolate lets the cocoa speak for itself. We highly recommend their Sea Salt Caramels or their “Spirited” Bon Bons as the perfect Valentine's Day gift. 

Benns Ethicoa

Committed to sustainable and natural chocolate production, Benns Ethicoa works directly with their farmers, cutting out the intermediaries. Check out their gift boxes here!

Beyond Good

Producing their chocolate right where they source it, in Madagascar, Beyond Good is committed to working directly with the farmers and to benefiting the regions in which they do business. The Flavors of Madagascar is our go to, for the best of both chocolate and vanilla flavors. 


When you combine the best of locally sourced ingredients with high quality and GMO-free chocolate, you have found Feve artisan chocolatier. Their Valentine’s Boxes filled with gourmet truffles will be a fan favorite for sure!