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Six Ways to Reconnect to Nature During a Pandemic

Written by
Meghan Gieber
Published on
July 8, 2020 at 6:03:00 PM PDT July 8, 2020 at 6:03:00 PM PDTth, July 8, 2020 at 6:03:00 PM PDT
Living in the world with a pandemic has become our new normal. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to take us away from the thing that heals us the most: nature. We’ve spent the last four months of our lives inside, which can create stress, discomfort and overall disconnection from everything else. How can we move forward in this new world to create more peace and groundedness in our lives, while still being safe to ourselves and those around us? It’s simple! Simply reconnect to nature and its lessons, whether you stay inside or venture out.

One reason why nature is so restorative for humans is because we’re made up of the same composition. We’re both alive, live around circadian rhythms, get nutrients from the sun and live harmoniously among everything else in nature. When we are inside our homes or living in busy cities, we become surrounded by devices, outside advertising and buildings that can disconnect us from our true selves and make us feel imbalanced. Returning to nature and centering yourself is especially important for your overall health and wellbeing right now during this uncertain time. You might be wondering how to do so when we’re still being asked to shelter in place and stay indoors. We’ve got you covered with ideas!

Six Ways To Reconnect To Nature During A Pandemic

  • Slow your life down to match the pace of nature (without losing productivity). The pulse of nature is a lot slower than our modern day lives. This pandemic has shown many of us that we are yearning to slow our lives down so that we can breathe and be more present, without jeopardizing our productivity. You can mindfully integrate a stillness into your life by thinking about these questions and then incorporating your answers into your daily routine: How can I integrate more stillness and quiet time into my schedule? How will it affect my overall health when I do? What else would I be gaining by bringing more stillness into my daily life? How can I take action today?

  • Cook recipes with whole ingredients instead of relying on meal order delivery. Put your hands on produce from nature. Feel the different textures. Taste the different flavors. Give thanks for where your food came from by mindfully preparing one of your favorite recipes. Ordering takeout and delivery creates a lot of packaging waste and detaches us from nature. While cooking takes more time than ordering out, if you’re consistent with your desire to slow things down in your life, you might just discover that you have more time for cooking a meal you love. You will also benefit from eating a healthier diet because you have control over the ingredients that you use, improving your wellbeing and allowing you to focus on other areas of your life. Here are some simple whole food recipes to get you started!

  • Go on a walk and notice the skyline and natural elements around you. With a safe social distance and a mask, spend some time outside and focus your attention on natural elements around you. If you live in a city amidst buildings and concrete, look at the sky, trees and birds. Do you notice a difference being outside? How does being outside recharge you? What does being outside make you think about? How does your body feel after moving?

  • Bring nature inside your home. When you don’t have access to nature, bring it inside your home through plants, neutral colors or doing a mindful meditation.

  • Rethink how you sanitize yourself and your home. Are you plowing through wipes and small bottles of hand sanitizer that generate a lot of waste? Are your products full of fragrance ingredients, phthalates and parabens? Those ingredients are not natural and can harm your overall health because they seep into your body through smell and skin. How can you make your Covid-19 protection practices more sustainable to protect the earth that grounds us and supports your health? Consider using a spray bottle with natural disinfectants that are diluted with water.

  • If you feel safe to travel, disconnect for an entire day or weekend and give yourself space to appreciate your surroundings. Take a weekend drive or road trip and find a secluded space to listen to the quiet hum of frogs in spring or the tiny birds living amongst us. Take notice of the patterns and colors of plants that you would normally pass by. How do these elements inspire you? If you do travel, invest in quality items for your trip like reusable bags, safe eating and drinking vessels (no plastics), sunscreen (reef safe) and mosquito spray to prevent more toxic waste from being created.

To maintain our mental health and strength while we begin to reintegrate post Covid, it’s important to feel grounded. The best way to do so is by returning to nature. Nature heals the mind and body. In addition to healing yourself through nature, your actions will contribute to healing our planet at large too. Pick something that inspires you from this list, and give reconnecting with nature a whirl!