Remembering the Good Stuff from 2020

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Meghan Gieber
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November 23, 2020 at 8:30:13 AM PST November 23, 2020 at 8:30:13 AM PSTrd, November 23, 2020 at 8:30:13 AM PST

This month, we made space for the good stuff from 2020. It’s been an unimaginable year for us all, and we think it’s important to reflect on the positive to keep spirits high and our lives moving forward. We all deserve to give ourselves credit for enduring this year, and the first step is to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for! 

We asked our Urban Market Bags fans, family members, and friends how 2020 shaped their lives for the better and have compiled the stories here for some light, uplifting reading!

11 Positive Outlooks from 2020

“2020 and shelter-in-place has forced me to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, stuff that I had lost along the way. Crafting, reading, puzzles, enjoying my family, and bringing a new puppy into our home. Being forced to walk a puppy multiple times a day has allowed me to meet new friends and connect with neighbors I wouldn’t have met otherwise.” - Trish

“My parents divorced when I was a little girl and I grew up living at my mom’s house. This year, my sister and I sheltered-in-place with our dad! We made up for the lost time and lived with him for three full months. Amongst the chaos in the world, it was heart-warming to have that experience.” - Meghan

“Consciously Observed Vitally Important Decisions (COVID) has given me a needed reset to allow my greatest treasures to resurface. At the core of my being is myself, my family, and my dearest friends. For me, sheltering-in-place is a divine intervention to let the most important aspects of my life to be rejuvenating and to be prioritized in my life.” - Dan

“COVID reset my priorities and has allowed me to focus on the only thing that matters; family. It has taught us to live a more simple life, in nature, and has opened my eyes to things I didn't consider before. I want to teach our kids to be critical thinkers, to ask questions, to live off the land and stay true to the source.” - Kirsten

"2020 has forced me to be a little more human, a little more real, and a lot more empathetic with myself and others.” - Caileigh⁣

“I cherished the micro-wedding my wife and I planned. It was a big pivot from our original celebration, but it ended up being so intimate and perfect in every way.” - Matt

"I’m grateful for kindness from strangers. It’s been a hard year for everyone, but if there’s a silver lining, it’s that a strong sense of community arises when times are tough. The generosity of a next-door neighbor, the smile from a barista… it’s like we all understand each other a little more." - Sophie

“This year has been about being present with the small things that bring me joy and make me laugh!” - Felix

“This year reminded me of how grateful I am for nature. Before Covid, I would rush through the park trying to complete my 30-minute run after I finished work and before I ate dinner. Now I just wander. I find a new route every time which is equal parts astonishing and not surprising at all. Sometimes I find a grove of tangled oak trees. Other days I find geometric flowers in electric hues. It’s taught me to appreciate everything around me, relax, and remember that nature is truly extraordinary.” - Grace

“I’m grateful for the birds singing outside my windows! Walking through puddles in my rubber boots and colorful raincoat! The tiny flower growing between the cracks of the sidewalk! And long walks (short ones too) to clear my head and let my body sing!” - Nannette

“I’m grateful for fall days at the beach!” - Berkley

Here are some tips & resources to create your own gratitude practice:

1-minute gratitude practice!

• Go outside

• Inhale the good things in your life

• Exhale the rest

• Repeat 5 times

• Notice the immediate and positive impact on your mood! 

Start a wellness journal to keep track of things you are grateful for on a daily basis.


Spend just two minutes sending a text or email to someone you love, and your brain will release dopamine and serotonin to make you feel good. If you need a reminder, put it on your calendar for the same time every day.

We are grateful to you for being in our Urban Market Bags community! 


Team UMB