Creative Ways to Celebrate Mom

Written by
Grace Pawlowski
Published on
May 8, 2020 at 2:56:00 PM PDT May 8, 2020 at 2:56:00 PM PDTth, May 8, 2020 at 2:56:00 PM PDT
Remind mom why you are her favorite this Sunday! Here are some easy(ish) ideas to execute regardless of distance and quarantine policy.

If you live close to (or with) mom (and depending on your county’s policies)...
  • Food is always a winner. Breakfast in bed. Lunch in the park. Outdoor grilling. A drive by drop of her favorite goodies is a good idea too. Or choose something easy, like this Chicken Parmesan that the kids can help with.
  • Organize a car parade for your queen. If you have family members in the same area but are committed to keeping a distance, decorate your cars and do your best parade wave for mom.
  • Offer to do chores and run errands. Especially now, it’s time consuming and sometimes scary to be out of your home. Give mom some mental relief and offer to take a few things off her plate. (Maybe throw in some tulips to brighten her day!)
  • Plant something special. Most nurseries and home improvement stores are open right now. Plant some spring flowers that she can enjoy all season long, or an adorable dwarf fruit tree from Four Winds Growers.
  • Build her a haven at home. Maybe this means cleaning up a space that’s been overrun with indoor activities and adding some flowers and a few candles. Offer her some fruit infused water or hot tea and a soothing face mask. Bonus points for finding a relaxing soundtrack like this one.

If distance keeps you away from mom...
  • Video call with a twist. Ask everyone to bring their silliest photo or story of mom to the call. If you’re on Zoom, you can use the digital photos for your background like a greenscreen.
  • Coordinated texts of appreciation. Ask your siblings or other family members to text one thing they have admired about mom and assign everyone a different hour. She will enjoy the whole day getting compliments from you.
  • Support local businesses and get something delivered that you wouldn’t normally be able to like a Michelin-star dinner (if you have access) or a nail kit from your local salon.
  • Gift a donation in her name. She’s always taken the best care of you. Show her the example she has set by donating time or money to help someone in need.

If nothing else, use your moment on Sunday to praise your mom for her strength and resilience — or whatever you love most about her. Times are challenging and we can all use a little love and appreciation to keep us going.