Chocolate Roundup

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Grace Pawlowski
Published on
February 2, 2017 at 12:15:00 PM PST February 2, 2017 at 12:15:00 PM PSTnd, February 2, 2017 at 12:15:00 PM PST

A bite of high-quality chocolate is like a sip of fine wine or the perfect pour over—a true work of art and an undeniably unique experience. We’re honoring a classic Valentine’s Day tradition this year by ditching the heart-shaped box for small-batch, craft chocolate made by passionate artisans.

Drink your way to a euphoric state of good health with Cacoco—a drinking chocolate in it’s purest form. Cacoco ads organic superfood herbs and spices to their unroasted cacao chocolate blend creating a vitality elixir choc-full of antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids. They source their cacao from Ecuador and focus on farms that use regenerative practices, helping cultivate rich and sustainable growing conditions. With environmentally friendly packaging—origami (no glue!) constructed out of recycled cardboard, vegetable dye ink and compostable bags— Cacoco is a mission your whole body can support.

As TCHO puts it "pure chocolate contains a kaleidoscope of flavors, depending on its terroir- the unique taste of a chocolate based on where the cacao was grown.” They’ve built their uber successful company around their ability to work with cacao growers all over the world (Ecuador, Peru, Ghana and Madagascar) to showcase the nuanced flavors that traditional corporate chocolate producers filter out. Want to challenge your tastebuds to a test? Try TCHO’s Chocolate + Wine Pairing Party-in-a-Box where you can taste and score six different flavor-specific chocolate squares. Now that’s our kind of party!

Every bean counts at Dandelion where they hand sift each batch of cacao to remove any cracked or misshapen beans. Unlike other companies, Dandelion only uses two ingredients: cacao and sugar. This makes their tedious process extremely crucial since they are delivering a delightfully pure product. It happens to be time well spent as Dandelion is known to produce an elegantly simple bite of chocolate. If you happen to be in San Francisco you can pay them a visit, tour their facility and meet the chocolatiers. They do everything under one roof and welcome the public to take classes and engage with their product. If that's not love, we don't know what is.

Fera'wyn's Artisan Chocolates
True love has a way of bringing people together, even under unusual circumstances. The husband/wife duo that founded Fera’wyn’s had a budding virtual romance after they met through a video game. Continents couldn’t keep them apart, and they decided to pursue their dreams together. Their combined artist and chocolatier experience laid the perfect foundation to create Fera’wyn’s which is appropriately named after one of their video game aliases, a mystical fairy who brought joy to everyone she met. Their playful chocolates are sure to cast a magic spell on you after one bite.

Blue's Chocolates
Beautifully crafted with the freshest ingredients, Blue's Chocolates in Berkeley, CA blends classic flavors with seasonal flair. From the Poached Pear to the Buttered Pecan and White Chocolate with Straus Cream, your Valentine will be struck by love, all over again.

And if working with chocolate is your thing, this Chocolate Babka with Mixed Nuts is the perfect dish to make and share with loved ones!