Articles written by Grace Pawlowski
Articles written by
Grace Pawlowski

5 Tips to Simplify Back-to-School

From moving bedtimes up to meeting new teachers, there is a lot of preparation that happens at the beginning of the school year. The key ingredient to success is a plan. We have some back-to-school tips for getting the kids more involved and enjoying the last few weeks of warm weather stress-free.

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5 Habits for Health and Sustainability

A brand new year brings exciting opportunities—the chance to reset, reawaken that drive, and of course, make some shiny resolutions. But while setting intentions is a first step in the right direction, it can feel a little overwhelming from there. Whether it’s cultivating a healthier lifestyle, helping the environment, or just becoming a better person in general, we’re breaking down five simple tips that, practiced habitually, will make a big difference in your life (and also help the Earth)!

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Prepare for Summer Fun with Urban Market Bags

High temps and long days can only mean one thing: summer has arrived and we’re ready to head outdoors. At Urban Market Bags we like to bring what we need while traveling as light as possible. Here are a few ways to get the most use out of your handy packs of Urban Market Bags and prepare for summertime adventures.

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Finding a Connection: Floral Design Tips from Naco Suzuki

A beautiful bouquet of peonies. The perfect flower to gift this Mother’s Day according to Naco Suzuki, our go-to floral artist from Kathleen Deery Design in San Francisco. Naco turns dreams into reality through her creative approach to floral design. Each event that she works on is carefully considered before she creates a beautiful botanical experience using nature's finest materials. We were fortunate to catch up with Naco and ask her about her inspiration, how she builds an arrangement and what advice she can give us to create our own blooms to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Campaign to Save the Rain

It has been raining and pouring here in California (and, man, did we need it). As our lush landscape returns, we are reminded that water is essential to our being. The EPA estimates that about half of of municipal water use is devoted to landscaping and a third to residents’ home use. Harvesting rainwater is great way to conserve resources AND feed your hungry garden. Need more convincing?

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Spring Clean Your Habits: The Eco-Friendly Edition

Spring into action this season and make a pledge to create eco-friendly habits that will stick around for good. Don’t get overwhelmed. At Urban Market Bags, we’ve found that one small commitment is all it takes to tip the scale in the right direction.

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Chocolate Roundup

A bite of high-quality chocolate is like a sip of fine wine or the perfect pour over—a true work of art and an undeniably unique experience. We’re honoring a classic Valentine’s Day tradition this year by ditching the heart-shaped box for small-batch, craft chocolate made by passionate artisans.

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2017 Trends in Health & Wellness

What does the wellness forecast look like this year? We’re looking to some tried-and-true methods to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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